Thursday, December 1, 2011


Life is simply ironic, doesn't it? Sometimes now matter how hard you work for it, if it's never meant to be will never be. Parents tought us that we should always work hard to achieve our dreams but sometimes no matter how much effort you put it, it will never come to you and sometimes when you hardly do anything, it just comes to you easily. Yeah, sucks but that's the reality that life is full of unfairness. In fact, I'm so getting used to it.

In fairy tales, there are characters that live "happily" ever after but that doesn't work in real life. Reality check. My sister disliked me being sad, down or tattered. But I'm so lost with the things I want in my life right now. I always felt that something important is missing in my life and probably I was just trying too hard to seek for a certain ideal life which rarely exist.

Dissatisfaction with life isn't a big deal, right? In fact it's just a matter of how a person looks into their life. I should probably learn to look at the big picture and learn to realize that things may not be perfect, but they are simply wonderful. Appreciation, simplicity and satisfaction are what I should cultivate in my inner self. And true happiness too.

And there's always someone out there who loves me a lot.
Whom adore me for who I am.
so what's there not to be happy with life, right?
yes, shen.
"Smile as you hit the bumps in the road and savor the best moments- and with that, you will achieve the happily ever after you seek"

Friday, November 25, 2011


"When everyone wants you to be that someone whom you can never be"

For the past 21 years, I wondered over my existence in this world. Is it merely a burden? What's the main point of living in this world? Is it all about chasing after your dreams (living in a huge house with a six figure salary, driving the most posh car and dressing up in the best wardrobe range ever?) or is it just about attaining happiness from the simplest thing in life (driving kids to school, eating the most delicious food ever and doing things that you enjoy most in your life)? Chasing after your dreams does not guarantee happiness and likewise, happiness is temporary only. So tell me what is the purpose of choosing either one when both do not seem to guarantee anything at all?

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Best of 2011 Kpop Songs

For those who claim kpop songs are trash, then you're probably missing out one of the best-produced songs ever. I admit the fact that I listen to kpop songs most of the time, preferably those by male bands or male solo artist (sadly female voices especially those cutesy/ high pitched ones do not work well on me- totally hate it) and I am total sucker for korean slow and dandy raps, which I totally totally totally adore it. Hence, my best of 2011 definitely has a rap inserted somewhere within the song and I quoted some lines from the song too. Despite my dislike listening to female songs, Baby Soul's No better than strangers and Going Crazy (Song ji eun) stood high in my list, defeating all the other male songs.

Best of 2o11 (in random orders)

1) Can You Smile (Infinite)

"By having you by my side, you've lost your smile. Because you can only be happy once you leave my side"

2) The fact (Beast)

totally adore all the voices here

3) I remember (Bang Yong Guk ft Yoseob)

"First I became better than anyone else, I hoped you will regret it when you saw me, Yeah like that you even ignored my music, Now I blast it through the streets of Seoul"

4) On rainy days (Beast)

"It's over anyway, what is there to do now?, just looking back and regretting like an idiot, It rains all the time so this will keep repeating, when it stops i will stop too"

5)Run Away (Wei Chen ft Joon & Thunder (Mblaq)

(one of my favourite rap of all time)
"The sky's pitch black painted with shades of grey clouds, can't recall the last time I've seen a sunny day. You hear the concrete cry"

"if we can grow together instead of growing apart, maybe we can save what wasn't even ours form the start"

6) Paradise (Infinite)

"If only you're here, this is paradise, a paradise where I retained you against your will, a sad paradise from where you can't escape, a paradise where we can be together forever" (awesome falsetto chorus)

7) No better than strangers (Baby soul ft Wheesung)

i love this song as a whole because it tells a story and the verse after the 1st chorus was awesomely written.

8) Going Crazy (Song Ji Eun ft Bang Yong Guk)

I swear Bang Yong Guk's rap totally rocks the whole song even though it wasn't his song.

Apart from all the songs listed above, there's one particular song that will always remain special in my heart because I am exactly the kind of person, described by the song. Cold from the outside and finds it extremely difficult to express my love to someone including my own parents/family even though I treasured them more than anything in my life. "I love you" is not a term that you will listen from me but I do love everyone that's part of my life tremendously. So yes mum, dad, sis and friends, I treasure you a lot!